My Fellow Fathers!

This forum is for men who believe that fatherhood is a journey— a journey that is meant to inspire and be shared. Dr. Mirch will produce a fun and digestible combination of resources and curated stories that help men understand the actual science of success behind fatherhood by hacking life’s 5Fs—FamilyFriendshipFinanceFitness, and ultimately Freedom.

This platform strives to build a strong community of men who will encourage others approaching their role as fathersNo father is perfect, but many have been phenomenal.  Dr. Mirch himself is an aspiring father who seeks mentorship from these successful men who simply hold their role of father in the highest regard. From these men, Dr. Mirch will continuously gain insight, energy and wisdom, give his own insight, and pass it along to you.

Join us and you’ll never be alone in this journey of fatherhood.

To all dads & soon to be dads who dream of being phenomenal, we’re humbled and happy to have you with us!