With the craziness of life and limited time to teach his kids about life's important lessons, Dr. Mirch records "Daily Dimes" of timeless truths for his boys. These less than 10-minute talks will make you want to share these dimes with your kids too!


What’s Up Boys, Dad here.

About a year ago, I seriously began asking myself why I’m here. Seriously, like what is it that I am supposed to do with this gift called life.
You boys were 3 & 1 years of age at the time and a handful (and still are!), but in the best way possible. Mom & I were really starting to have fun having a front row seat, watching you both grow up.

But, as with all people and parents, some parts of life were hard. For me, it was hard figuring out how I could be the most valuable to you, how I could be the most present for you, while still trying to push and work toward achieving my own personal dreams.

I figured out that why I existed really boiled down to being your Dad.

Flashback to 2014- A friend & colleague in my medical practice named Mark and he was 40 years old, married with 3 beautiful young kids, gave us heartbreaking news- he had cancer. He started treatment and underwent surgery, which didn’t go well. He had complications that would take his life just a few weeks later.

When he got diagnosed with cancer, I asked him if he was scared. He said, “No, not really. It would just suck if I couldn’t get to teach my kids the things I wanted to…you know, the way I wanted.”

At that time, we just had you Arav and you were just a baby, just over a year old. But, it got me thinking about my life and my role in it for my kids.

How was I going to teach you & Krish, who was born in 2015, “everything I wanted to…you know, the way I wanted?”

If I learned anything from Mark, it was to be kind and generous with my time and advice. He had been in practice nearly 10 years when I started and was always sharing the “tricks of the trade.” He enjoyed other people learning from him.

But, from Mark’s situation, I also learned that life is fragile and moody and unpredictable, so whatever you want to learn and give and pass on, do it now. Don’t wait.

I have thought often about Mark over the last 4 years, especially this year as my next birthday is my 40th, the same age Mark was when he died.

What could I do to “teach my kids the things I want to …you know, the way I want?”

I spend a lot of time away from you- I’m at the hospital and on call mostly- but I came up with an idea that is helping me stay connected to you even when I can’t be physically with you boys.

But there are so many things I want to share with you- about health and family and true wealth and happiness and people and life.... but what if, like Mark, I never got a chance?

So, I decided to work on something now- I'm going to build a small library for you. It’s a fun, simple project. 

Whenever I come across a teachable moment, I will keep it here for you boys to find it, so that you can access it anytime you want in life if you ever need it. That's it.

I call it “Dad’s Daily Dime.”

I call these teachable moments “dimes” because you guys love the game of basketball and, in basketball, a “dime” is another word for an “assist.”

So, maybe one or more of these dimes can assist you at some point in your life.

Dad’s Daily Dime was designed to be just a little gift for you boys…and for anyone else that can benefit from them...But, it has really been an amazing gift to me too. 

I love you boys. Thank you so much for letting me be your Dad. It is so cool.

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