Dr. Mirch
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Do you want to be a phenomenal father? If you aren't already, it's within your reach. Sounds cliché but it is

Through my own journey, I've found myself here, bringing men together to learn about being a better man and better father. I sure enjoy learning about the ingredients of what make a phenomenal father, well, phenomenal. And, so, I’m on a mission to serve those same ingredients to you.

Join me as a curate some of the most impactful stories of our time into a short little book on Getting Fs in Fatherhood. 

Getting Fs In Fatherhood (Coming Soon)

Getting Fs In Fatherhood (Coming Soon)


"Go ahead and get that F!" is a expression Dr. Mirch lives by faithfully. Truly believing that fatherhood, finance, fellowship, fitness, and ultimately freedom are the basis of creating a fulfilling life, Dr. Mirch developed a platform curating the stories of fathers others place in phenomenal regard. It's soon discovered these men found that the secret to phenomenal fatherhood is by learning to be the best man you can be first. 

Get your fix of the stories from fathers just like you to learn how to have a richer fatherhood experience, including Dr. Mirch's. 

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